Ford, Nissan and Daimler joined hands together for futuristic fuel cell cars

Recently, BMW and Toyota joined together for this same purpose, now news knocks us that Nissan, Ford and Mercedes Benz inks down to give a stiff competition to their rivals in future.

Fuel cell cars are gaining more and more grounds in media as compared to electric vehicles, which are now a common sight. Hence, EVs are exactly losing interest because of its battery charging time and the related hassles for a 160 km ride. In spite of such derivatives, many are still keen to roll out their circuit babies.

Inked paper state that the trios will launch fuel cell based car for the mass market in 2017.

In fact, Mercedes Benz is currently selling the same type of tech based models but the costing end doesn’t meets due to vast stretches. Contributing sales figure with Nissan and Ford will help him to curb down the negative postures which had arrived at the development course.

Ford, Nissan, and Daimler Join

Fuel-cell based vehicles runs on an engine which is combined with an electric motor that takes power form a pack of hydrogen based cells unlikely to that of a lot of battery in hybrid vehicles. These H2 cells produce electricity by combining its initial component with oxygen present in air. It can be refueled within minutes at the filling station, as compared to several hours of plug-ins for the present age competitor.

To meet the needs of refueling points, trios had already intimated all the related parties i.e. government, suppliers and other industry, to get ready for making huge bucks on the future of hydrogen.

Lastly, parent of Mercedes Benz had housed gas producer Linde and issued an order as well, to flag down 20 hydrogen filling stations in Germany.

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