September would see the Etios diesel launch

In a bid to retain the interest in its low priced siblings, the Etios and Liva, Toyota India have hastened the production and trials of its diesel engine for the Etios and it is most likely to see a September launch this year. It is being said that this achievement was possible since Toyota have managed to eradicate the manufacturing issues related to the Etios. When the Etios was launched, it had managed to generate great bookings and also waiting periods. But the rise of petrol prices have waned off the interest in this car and hence the need for a diesel powerplant was imminent. Car sales usually see a spike around the festive seasons and September would only be the right time for the launch of the diesel Etios in India.

The diesel version of the Etios however wouldn’t get the variable geometry turbo from its bigger Corolla sibling. It would feature a cheaper fixed geometry turbo. Power output would be also significantly lower and would be more in the reaches of 75 Bhp. This power output may seem on the lower side, however considering the lower weight of the Etios sedan, this should be more than enough to take the battle to the other entry level sedans. Like its petrol sibling, the diesel would set new standards for the mileage factor. In the world of practicality that is the Indian market, this would only mean more value for money given the Toyota brand name and also the spacious cabin that the Etios accords.

Pricing for the diesel engined Etios, however, would be in the regions of Rs 6.5 lakhs for the entry level model. This is nearly a lakh rupees more than what the entry level petrol commands. Expect the same diesel engine to be plonked into the much lighter Liva hatchback and expect a more killer pricing on it.

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