Seven New Models from BMW in the Offing

In order to take on its rivals in the Indian market, BMW is now planning to adopt a more aggressive approach with the introduction of seven new models this year. The company had already launched the i8 in the country, which was incidentally its first hybrid in the country. But the German automaker is going to stop there.

The automaker is now planning to bring in its 1, 3 and 5 series facelifts as well as X5M, X6M and its ultra-premium segment 7 Series. Apart from these 6 cars, BMW may also bring in its 2016 X1 in India this year itself. As it can be seen, apart from the M Series of cars, other would be merely upgraded versions of their previous avatars. The extent of upgradation that would be seen in these cars is still unknown.

Seven New Models from BMW in the Offing

The facelifts of 1, 3 and 5 series have already been showcased in various international markets, but whether or not the features shown in those markets would remain the same for Indian versions is still not known. These facelifts are expected to be launched in India before the end of this year.

It is quite obvious that BMW was spurred by Mercedes Benz’s rather aggressive stance for the Indian market and it decided to match its German rival pound for pound. Well as long as these two giants of the automobile world try to outflank each other, the consumers will have a good time.

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