Six Chinese Cars all set to hit the Indian roads by the end of 2012

‘Made in China’- how many products do you find with these very markings? And how many of your household amenities and personal accessories come with this label tagged on ? China with its admirable workforce and its systematic infiltration into the world market has stealthily crippled its competitors in many departments. China hit the Indian markets with petty items such as video games and other such products. And soon after that there was a huge influx of Chinese products, but no more trivial utility items, instead there were gizmos and gadgets, commodities and vehicles. With Chinese products becoming household names, the other companies seem to get ousted from the competition. Now this begs the question, what makes such products so popular?

The answer is ‘reasonable prices’ and hence, the same can be expected when Chinese manufactured cars roll out from the factory line onto the dusty Indian roads. A total of six Chinese cars are to be on the roads by either the end of 2012 or early 2013. The ones already on the Indian soil are the Zoyte Nomad Compact SUV I and II, which in Indian markets goes by the name Premier Rio. Similarly, another Chinese car, the Gunagdong Foday Explorer SUV has been renamed as Force One in India. The last out of the four Chinese automobiles already here, is the lesser known Hindustan Winner (pick-up truck), which incidentally is from the production line of Chinese car industry, Shandong Shifeng.

Six Chinese Cars all set to hit the Indian roads by the end of 2012
Apart from these, the ones hitting the markets in 2012-2013 are Chevrolet Sail sedan and Chevrolet Sail Hatchback. These cars are sure to sizzle when they hit the Indian turf, as they have received quite a response in China where the product has already been launched. The cars have been manufactured by General Motors in collaboration with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC). These cars shall hopefully live up to the same reputation as all other SAIC products. SAIC, Chinese automobile giants are recognized for their affordable cars with global product quality. If rumors were to be true, the price range for the Sail hatchback could be around 4.5 lakh while the sedan would cost around 5.5 lakh.

Six Chinese Cars all set to hit the Indian roads by the end of 2012

With such cars making headways into the market, in the not so distant future, we may witness another Chinese domination, this time on our Indian roads.

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