Skoda Elegance to be Now Called Style

Skoda India will be changing the name of the Elegance line up of its cars, which will now be called Style across their range. The company is also going to revamp the list of equipment in this model.

The new Style model though will not see any mechanical changes with the engine being the same as the one that was offered with the erstwhile Elegance.

Previously, the Skoda Rapid was made available in four models – Ambition, Active, Elegance plus and Elegance. Now this Elegance edition will be called the Style and will see the addition of a parktronic sensor on the car.

Skoda Elegance to be Now Called Style

The Elegance Plus too is now to be rechristened as the Style Plus and will be seen with the black package. The other cars from Skoda, that is the Superb and Octavia will also see the renaming.
The Elegance was formerly the top end model that Skoda offered between the Ambience, Active and Elegance. What this change in terminology has helped the company do is that it is likely to hike prices nominally with the addition of the features as cover as well.

Skoda has not been doing too well lately with many new entrants into the market and is looking to revamp its models in order to meet customer demands and expectations. This is part of a series of measures that the company seems to be taking in order to push sales and the success of this will determine how much more of these steps will be taken in the coming times.

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