The 2&4 concept revealed by Honda

Honda had recently teased the Project 2&4 concept and has now finally revealed it. Likely to take on the Ariel Aton, the car is a collaboration between the design studios of the company in Wako and Osaka.

The car has a Moto GP RC213V 999cc engine, which delivers 212bhp of peak power and 12.08kgm in terms of max torque.
The 2&4 comes with a six-speed automatic transmission and this is controlled through paddles placed behind the steering wheel. The car is also significantly light, weighing in at a mere 405kg.

Honda Project 2&4 concept revealed

The car appears to have an aluminium and carbon-fibre exterior and there is a display screen for information instead of a dashboard. The idea is to make the driver feel that they are riding a four-wheeled bike. The steering wheel also has an engine starter button as well as the toggles that would be adjusting the car’s traction control and engine.

However, it must be kept in mind that it is still very much a concept. Honda has not yet confirmed production for the car and a lot of that will depend on the response that the concept gets.

With Honda looking to get back into the spotlight on a global basis by providing products that deliver the best to the drivers, and considering that they are to launch the NSX next year, the response to the 2&4 concept will be a big part of deciding the future of operations at the company.

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