Skoda Rapid Commercial hit European Television Sets

All hands on deck for the compact sedan enthusiasts of Europe. The Skoda Rapid will be available at the dealerships for buyers by the end of this very year. Skoda Rapid has made its way above the well-known hatchback Fabia which was offered by Skoda couple of years ago, and lies below the powerful Octavia saloon. Even though the compact sedan is to be released by the end of this year, Europe has already started airing TV Commercials for the Skoda Rapid.

Pulled togetherby beautiful scenery and a happy couple driving over a glorious bridge in a majestic white Skoda Rapid. They reach their destination of a lovely home situated over the beautiful European roads. While the family shares a happy moment, the car stands out as elegant and stylish. This compact saloon isn’t just elegant and stylish, under the hood it has got a powerful 1.6 Liter engine which in turn gives you a sturdy 105 break horse power.  Skoda released a particularly Indian styled commercial to promote the Rapid in India, which captured a very colorful, full of life and rich in culture wedding alongside with the Skoda Rapid making everything easier. The Skoda rapid was showcased at the Mission L concept, at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor show.

Skoda Rapid Commercial hit European Television Sets

As seen in the commercial, the compact saloon drives on a practically stretched version of the present Volkswagen Polo’s design. The car measures up to 4.48 meters long and 1.7 meters wide.The concept of the dashboard comes from the Volkswagen Jetta’s simple design that was previewed this past year at the Mission L Concept. The Skoda Rapid is designed to give you nice and spacious interiors, elegant features and cutting edge technology, very high economy and for the whole family to fit in, not to mention that it’s a very affordable car. And a very exciting rear boot lid that opens up like a hatch that offers better access to the back, unlike the model which is available in the Indian Market. This compact sedan is the first to fully feature the company’s new formulated design language. The car will be available in five petrol engine variants and two diesel engines, with a standard five-speed manual transmission as well as with a six-speed automatic transmission. So all in all the Skoda Rapid has made a breakthrough in sales in India, and will surely make it in Europe when it hits the showrooms this fall.

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