Skoda Repositioning Itself as a Premium Brand: Report

Failed to comply the standards unlike that of the layman’s auto brand in abroad, Skoda is scratching hard to build its image here as a brand for the upmarket class, having a goofy support from Volkswagen, its parent company, claimed a report on internet.

It seems, Skoda may take up the space left unfilled by Honda Civic and Accord after they left the Indian market due to lack of demand, with apparently due to unavailability of diesel engines from the bay of Honda.

However, it can also be noted that Skoda discontinued its small car Fabia due to lack of sales and so therefore shifted its focus on the premium sedan segments like Superb and Octavia.

Skoda Octavia

Customer issues and satisfaction have become top priority and Skoda reviews processes and concerns every week with the possibility of calling for emergency top-level meetings to resolve customer grievances. It has also deployed more employees on the field to tackle customer problems, people close to the company said – revealed the report.

On the service front, Skoda faced issue of spare parts unavailability; now at present they said, the numbers of such scorches had decreased, and automaker is on the verge of improving them with the passing time bringing it near to zero.

Skoda Superb

In the recent times, foreign automakers are hiring Indian personnel for positions of product head and product development, lagging out the foreigners only for some strategic positions, which are making the brand surge. And now the latest to fall on the list of Skoda is Rapid facelift in the near future.

Source: ET

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