Skoda Reveals Superb Facelift

Skoda Superb facelift was in the pipeline for quite a long time and was also a due to the same avatar which it had wore since many years, instead all the other models of this Czech carmaker who  had received many changes in their lifetime and that too before Superb, However, we aren’t much concerned about the Skoda’s ideology behind changes, but on having a first look of the new saloon we just uttered “Superb”!

The facelift model is done with the cosmetic tweaks only, rather than technical ones, like its many other rivals.

Taking on the changes first, it lends us new front grille, refreshed logo, head- and fog –lights, crisper bonnet, and the very new headlamps and tail lamps with day time running LED inputs, on the outer tweaks. And for inside, four spoke steering rim, brand new gear knob and the fresh color scheme makes it stand out with some niche sort of offerings. On the very minute technical proportion, reverse parking system and electronically front passenger seat covers remaining glitches very carefully.

Skoda Superb facelift

As said no changes on the drivetrain, it remains same with options of 1.8-litre TSI petrol, 2.0-litre TDI and a 3.6-litre V6 petrol. The latter two cubics are assimilated with six speed DSG while the first one i.e. 2.0 TSI bestows options of six speed manual and a seven speed DSG auto.

Confronting some additional bits to the mentioned one, Skoda CEO says, “The Skoda Superb offers comfort beyond the middle-class standard. This means lots of room, excellent functionality, high comfort, top safety, great value for money and timeless elegance. We are always intent on offering our customers a little bit extra car.”

Skoda Superb facelift Interior
On our part we found new Superb inclining to the family of Audi, just like it seems that all of the models being driven to one and very same platform of their parent company Volkswagen, while wee too loved it at the same time.

Skoda Superb facelift Back View
Oops, forget to tell you, facelift Superb will make to our Indian shores by end of 2013, just be ready to get your hands on this new yet timeless piece of metal.

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