Toyota Launches Corolla Altis in Two New Variants Starting from Rs. 11.74 lakh

Toyota Corolla Altis is not the one from Japanese stable that was flying with bright colors on our Indian roads, henceforth makers had felt the need to de some reworking on it, for making it a cool flock in our fast changing yet competitive market scenario.

And for making the things to fall on proper frame Toyota had launched new variants to its outgoing model Altis, in both petrol as well as diesel options.

The new variant is named as J (S) and had replaced the base trim of petrol model, priced at Rs. 11.74 lakh (ex showroom Delhi), while diesel stands with 1.4 liter jag delivering 87 bhp and 210 NM of torque, covering itself under the Rs. 13.16 lakh (ex showroom Delhi) pricing point. Yet there is always a strategy being followed by every carmaker, as per their preference to makes, so Toyota had selected petrol version to outdo oil burners, and henceforth 138 bhp and 173 Nm of torque under 1.8 liter motor seems their best choice ever.

Toyota Corolla Altis

There are only cosmetic tweaks, not technical ones, so moving forward towards the interiors where major of the changes lie, a touch screen music system, USB compatibility and more importantly dual airbags were witnessed to be new. As said the petrol remains powerful than the diesel, it embeds another two feature namely HVAC and rear seat arm rest over that other highly priced metal.

Now it is left to audience whether to go for the Japanese tagging or some other badges, who are quite more lucrative and fluidic than this one, unlikely Toyota also prefers to stay at conventional mettles only.

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