Some of the accessories related to automobile industry

Yes, its very hard to believe that there are some of the accessories like watches, perfumes and even pens named after some of the more famous brands in the automotive world. There is a huge list about them however we would try to cover them in a series wise thing rather than go all out for them in one go. It seems that many of the manufacturers have a fetish for Bentley products and hence come up with wide range of products associated with the Bentley name.

Breitling for Bentley :

This is a GMT chronograph which is a new model developed specially for Bentley. This is actually an exclusive piece. By fixing up a rubber strap and flange, Breitling have made this series a unique one for Bentley customers. The rubber strap features a British hued racing green color. There is also the multiple time zone system, should the Bentley customer think of crossing continents with his drive. COSC have certified the chronometer which is of the Breitling Calibre 47B. As of now, Breitling have made only 1000 pieces of this specimen and as a policy, prices would only be revealed on request.

Estede Eyewear :

As far as luxury eyewear is concerned, Laude Estede are a well known manufacturer. They have come up with a new pair of sunglasses for the Bentley customers. Needless to say, these are exclusive pieces. The innovation that has gone into making these glasses include precious metals as also innovative surface treatment. Silver Palladium is used to make the frame whereas platinum and also 18 carat gold is used in the construction. While the base model, in automobile speak, will retail for Rs 88k, the top end model laced with the platinum frame would cost more than Rs 7.2 lakhs.

Tibaldi Supersports for Bentley :

Well, if a Bentley customer wants to sign some important documents, then he cannot take a Rotomac or Reynolds product. Instead, he will use the specially designed for him, Tibaldi Supersports pen. Well, this writing equipment is more for the Bentley Continental Supersports customer. Like racing cars, carbon fibre has been used in the construction of this pen and hence it is extremely tough and durable. Like the power produced by the car is 630 Bhp, signifying it, is the number of pens that is being produced. Well, this small pen costs anything between Rs 83k to Rs 1.20k.

Tibaldi  Slimline for Bentley :

One of the best writing instruments maker in the world, Tibaldi have come up with a new line of writing equipments specially for Bentley. The usual or rather traditional Bentley Continental customer gets a fat pen however the Slimline is for those, who prefer to take things in a lighter way. This pen would look like the earlier one but without the usual visual added bulk. There are a variety of pens to be found in the Slimline range and about 1000 of them are available with prices starting from Rs 31k to Rs 55k.

Hublot King Power F1 India watch :

In recognition of the first Indian GP which would be held shortly in India, the official watchmaker of F1, Hublot have made this timepiece. It would be on sale only after August 2011 and is set to be one exclusive piece with the price of Rs 18 lakhs.

Aston Mobiado :

Aston Martin with their grand entry in India are scheduled to rock the Indian market however in memory of their entry here, Aston have created or are rather visualizing a transparent phone. This is actually based in the concept of a car’s key. There is a platinum housing which will hide the functional parts and a capacitative touch screen will be held by the sapphire crystal glass. This thing is not yet into production and hence there are no prices listed for it.

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