Some products to enrich the beauty of a car

The car that you are driving is 2 years old and looks much like a 5 year old one. So, are you going to sell it or since you are short of cash and need a car desperately, you would rather spruce it up? Our money would be on the second option. If you do support this thing, then read on or else you can always buy a new car or even a used one for the money that you would be getting by just selling off the old car. Like the way women go to a parlor and also men visit a salon, its imperative that a car also be shown the door to the cleaners. Here are a few DIY or rather Do-It-Yourself tips for improving the beauty of a car that essentially caters to the exteriors. Did you know that a proper shampooing as also waxing job enables the car to fend off UV weathering as also put a protective coat which would help it fend off the aging thing. The products which we are going to list out here normally would be found in most of the car care shops and wouldn’t cost a bomb either, a small price to pay for maintaining the car.

Turtle Wax super hard shell :

No, this ain’t a product for the turtle and is very much for the cars. This wax provides for a deep gloss which brings out the color of the car. Usually, the manufacturer would say that this product would be a one coat application thing and last for an entire year, however, for the typical Indian conditions which include humidity as also dusty environs, applying this product once every 4-5 months is recommended. Its an effortless thing to do and also after applying it, buffing is also suggested. It costs Rs 240.

Turtle wax super hard shell

Simoniz carnauba wax :

This same wax used to come in as a hard paste earlier and after some months of disuse, it used to be as hard as wax. To counter this thing, the company has now come out with a liquid variant of the same. The ease of application has increased and so has the coating life increased. A quick buffing followed by the polish, just before it dries is recommended. Since this product has got its main ingredient as natural carnauba, the longer lasting protection is for given, unlike other softer waxes. It costs Rs 395.

Simoniz car wax :

Unlike the carnauba wax, this one is an easy-on-easy-off type of things. This Quick Shine formulation contains gloss enhancers for shine. A spray nozzle is provided for easier application. Ensuring that it’s being wiped off simultaneously would yield the best results. A dry cloth is to be used for the wiping process. It is just a shine option and more like an intermediate between two serious wax jobs. It is priced at Rs 395.

Simoniz car wax

Sonax car shine cream :

This is one cream which would work both on new car surfaces as also the old ones. This cream is a thing which cleans as also seals the original paint work of the car. This one is also water resistant and also works like a shampoo. The car can be washed and still the old shine would be retained. Moreover, the repeated application process is toned down to a great extent. This product costs Rs 475.

Sonax car shine cream

Sonax windscreen washer :

This product, as the name suggests, is only for helping the windscreen to be clean. Any insect residue as also seasonal dirt would be removed by this product and far quickly. There wouldn’t be any vision blurring film formation or smearing or stripes either. The plastics, rubber parts and also paint work of the car wouldn’t be damaged by this thing either. This product is prices at Rs 475.

Sonax windscreen washer

Simoniz windscreen washer :

This is a windscreen cleaner solution and on coming in contact with glass, this one removes the grime, oil deposits and insect shit. It starts making a thin formation (which doesn’t hamper vision in anyway) and prevents the further deposition of dirt. It is available for only Rs 195.

Simoniz windscreen washer

Sonax glass cleaner :

This glass cleaner instantly frees up the headlights and also windscreens from exhaust depositions, dirt, nicotine stains and also the insects. This would provide a streakless vision. Even the interior mirrors and also windows of the car can be cleaned using this cleaner. What more, it can even be used for cleaning glass at home. It is priced at Rs 395.

Sonax glass cleaner

Simoniz alloy wheel cleaner :

A two in formula is being used for this product and it not only does clean the alloy wheels but it also repels dust from the brake liners. Since it is non-abrasive, it works well on both the old and new wheels well. The original shine of the alloy wheels isn’t damaged by this product. It costs Rs 395.

Simoniz alloy wheel cleaner

Simoniz tyre and bumper gel :

To ensure that the tyres as also the bumpers of the car look new, this solution is to be used. Even door handles as also vinyl roofs can benefit from this. A protective coating is formed after some regular use and this can protect the black plastic parts or even the black bumpers on the outside of the car. This is very effective to ensure that the exterior parts don’t fade under the sun. Its cost is Rs 375.

Simoniz tyre and bumper gel

Checkmate Cleaner :

Special polishing and cleaning elements is what maketh this product. This is also a windscreen cleaner. It removes the pollutants and also the contaminants easily. No smear or film formation is promised on this product as well. The wiper blades are also said to be much softer post the application of this product. It is priced at Rs 110.

These products would ensure that the shine of the car is retained to a great extent and would greatly enhance the life of the car in terms of both looks and also appeal.

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