Ssangyong Considers A Jeep Wrangler Rival

The answer from Korea to serious off-roading business is only delivered by SsangYong, where no other matches up to the mark. Now, the firm being owned by Mahindra has gained better strength in rolling out the SUVs with combined ideologies of Indians and Koreans. And Tivoli launched across the international markets is one such answer from the recent times.

Yet, the panging hunger of world for SUV is still not filled. And SsangYong realized that made commitment to a source of developing a rival to Jeep Wrangler to enter the North American market. The same could also add oomph to the brand’s image in Europe, UK and other similar markets.Ssangyong Considers A Jeep Wrangler Rival

However, no concrete proof is available at the moment, but the source aligned cues to get lifted from the XAV concept that was unveiled at Seoul Motor Show in Korea this year. The concept is designed to enjoy the off-road, and it was also cited to project the further models of SsangYong.

Thus, for the off-roader rival of Jeep Wrangler, SsangYong’s SUV engine bay may use the 1.6-L petrol and diesel engine with e-4WD system that takes charge of the front axles, while engine manages the rear.

No lesser than128PS/160NM from the four-cylinder gasoline is delivered. The diesel is queered to make the noise of 115PS/300Nm for taking most of the sales in developing markets.

Hence, it remains interesting to see how the Jeep will take this unauthorized threat from SsangYong. Feel free to pen down your thoughts in the comments section below…

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