Honda Cars India Confirmed New Accord Launch For 2016

Since the shrinking demand of petrol had made Honda to drop many models from its India lineup for a couple of years, it even dropped the Accord back in December 2013 to manage a reasonable portfolio with more concentration like mass sellers. Like now, when the line is filled up to the brim with diesel options, Amaze, City and Mobilio to name a few and Jazz one the way for its launch, it is confirmed by a source the maker will now move-in new Accord soon after the launch of 2.4-L petrol engine.

Above that, this Japanese carmaker for its Indian subsidiary is also thinking about the hybrid version of Accord, which will straightly target the Toyota Camry Hybrid. As Camry Hybrid now constitutes 70% of the total Camry’s sales, it seems feasible to bring down such an option to entice the new-age buyers.

Honda Cars India Confirmed New Accord Launch For 2016

However, Hyundai had also withdrawn Sonata from the Indian market back in Feb this year due to low demand from the sedans’ segment. It apparently seems to have made more space for the Accord to spawn into. Thus, the exact date of launch is not confronted. One can expect it to happen at the time when new Volkswagen Passat and Skoda Superb will launch their sedans (including diesel versions) in India.

Hence, it is not easy for a carmaker to earn the profits from selling those sedans in India. After all, they are launched to mark a very aggressive brand image in a country like India. Otherwise, the sedans are already having their fair share from the current trend, leaving behind the sedans way far than ones’ thought.

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