Step by Step Learning Tips for Beginners: Part 2

Last week we have suggested some of the basics thing to get your hands perfect behind the steering rim, and now we are here to share more of the knowledge which will definitely get you the tricks in right places and at a bit advanced level.

Adjust the seating ergonomics to suit yourself:

Seating comfortably in the driver’s seat was not so easy in olden days, but as the advancements barged in the times it is learnt, the automakers tending their lot of focus on the driving arena, which is of the great priorities for making a  perfect car. Now here, as of taking for beginners, one should make himself comfortable when seated on the leading seat, and should adjust all the things like ORVMs, height etc as per his requirement. Once seated check and ensure that the gear knob is in neutral position, and moreover do also pull the handbrake to stop the vehicle unless and until ignition is turned on. Also don’t be in a hurry to get the car going, and as said in the last edition and repeated again, fasten the seat belt before you touch anything, once when you entered the cabin.

Step by Step Learning Tips for Beginners Part 2

Concentrate completely while driving

This segment is of utmost important in the whole series, giving you a brief inside how to get every detail of minute things onto your way. As sure, the assistant next you will be guiding through all the twists and turns but one has to keep some more things in mind for an extra step of confidence while placed on road. Remember the first what we had mentioned, ORVMs, yes the outside rear view mirrors, it should be monitored every now and then because that will give you an overview of the road outside, what is going on there and how to act accordingly as per to those accidently created situations. Every time the trainer would not be telling you to look in those reflecting pieces, instead it’s your duty to be the judge of yourself at least for this action, as slated the other person next to you will not be able to get the perfect driving sight.

Don’t be in a hurry

Hurrying while seated on the driver’s seat always leads to wrong places, like hospitals and graveyards, and not the right ones instead. So keep yourself as calm as possible, and drive by following the lane discipline. This method will help the other things also to fall in places, right so that just you will not feel the need to do them separately. Moreover, here we also mean, follow the signals, do not dab the accelerator while seeing yellow light there on stand, instead it’s better to apply the brakes and stop for the beam to turn green. We too learnt that new drivers tend to cross the yellow lights of other vehicles as soon as possible, which is not advisory at all. It is a sign of danger for both of the cars, and you may fall into the wrong position when the matter will get officials proceedings or so.

Be your own judge

As we had already mentioned, you are the best judge of yourself, and it s time to prove the same. Framing all the things in mind, anticipate the situation and keep the car off from any nuances. Trainer is for help, he will also be dependent on you because the control of steering wheel is in your hand, which says “you are the boss of this car for now” and it really means in that particular bespoken sense. To get this tweak perfect, try to think as a responsible citizen and will feel the difference very instantly.

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