Superchips comes up with Ford EcoBoost Engine ECU upgrades

Ford’s 1.0L 3-cylinder turbocharged EcoBoost engine has finally got an upgrade by UK’s Superchips. The upgrade has certainly improved the performance of the Engine Control Unit. When the original and the upgraded engines were dyno-tested, the former was found to deliver a power of 127bhp (slightly above the standard of 123bhp), while the same for the latter powerhouse was 145bhp @ 6,169rpm and a torque of 227 Nm @ 2,656rpm.

The presence of the original DI Turbocharged EcoBoost engine from the American multinational automaker can be seen in the European Focus and B-MAX. Superchips Ltd. has put up a price tag of 713 USD (39,749 INR) for the ECU upgrade. The ECU upgrade can eventually be used to propel all 2012 onwards model on the 123bhp-Ford’s 1.0L EcoBoost engines.

The American multinational automaker has been reported to be bringing in its maiden compact SUV in the Indian market soon. The car, Ford  EcoSport is to be priced somewhere around 7-9 lakh and is to support the EcoBoost heart.

Superchips comes up with Ford EcoBoost Engine ECU upgrades

Taking a glance at the company that brought in the upgrade, Superchips Ltd., a 1977-established company specialized in electronic engine tuning of cars. It was renamed (after which it got the current name) in 1991. Back in that phase (1977-1991), the company was known as P.J. Detection Techniques, while nowadays it has earned fame in terms of improvised ECU upgrades for more power and torque output.

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