Volkswagen Touareg CC might be a threat to the BMW X6

It’s been quite a while that the BMW X6 has been making headlines. Moreover, the car has been the German automaker’s one of the most successful cars. As far as coupe-crossover is concerned, the automaker has succeeded in placing the X6 on the X5 platform, making it the most expensive utility vehicle from the manufacturer’s side.

The X6 has actually left rivals Audi and Mercedes to gear themselves up to get versions of SAV. Reports suggest that even the parent carmaker of Audi, Volkswagen too is gearing up to produce coupe-crossover to compete with the BMW X6. The upcoming car from the VW is to be based on the company’s well-known luxury SUV, Touareg. It’s to be named Touareg CC.

Volkswagen Touareg CC might be a threat to the BMW X6

As far as the weight of the latter is concerned, the car will be 300kgs lighter than the older sibling of the car and might offer class reading space at the rear end. Rumors are flying high that the Touareg CC would be launched in the German market sometime in 2014, followed by its launch in Indian market in 2015.

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