SUVs To Lead Skoda Fresh Charge Into India

SUVs To Lead Skoda Fresh Charge Into India

Skoda will soon be leading the development of a new low-cost “Eco” platform for the VW Group which will cater to cost-sensitive markets. The first models will be out in 2020 and the initial one may be a five seater mid size SUV. Although VW as well as Skoda will develop their own versions of SUVs they will share the powertrain and other mechanicals.

This model may be followed by a mid-size sedan which would take the place of the VW Vento as well as the Skoda Rapid. These two are already due for a model change in the year 2021. Last of all, the Skoda will re-enter the hatchback segment by the year 2022. Going by this, VW as well as Skoda will get all the three new models in the first phase of the production plan itself. the volume projections have been kept under the wrap and Skoda has refrained from making any other comment.

But suppliers reveal that they have been asked to quote for a production run ranging from 1,80,000 to 4,00,000 units. We anticipate that a major portion of this will cater to exports, what do you think?

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