Hyundai India To Recall 2,437 Santa Fe SUVs

Hyundai Motor India on Saturday said it would recall 2437 units of its SUV Santa Fe to replace the stop lamp switch. The automaker said: “Hyundai Motor India has initiated a service campaign to voluntarily recall and replace the Stop Lamp Switch of Santa Fe because of potential malfunction, at no cost to customer.” It added that voluntarily recall of 2437 units in India is for units manufactured between the period 26th June, 2011 and 26th September, 2013.

The stop lamp switch is placed near the brake pedal mechanism and activated when the pedal is released and depressed. Owners of the involved vehicles will be notified in a phased manner to bring in their vehicles to authorized Hyundai dealers to replace the part.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Motor India will be delivering best service and attention to its customers with its strong support and service network across India. Recalls are increasingly becoming a routine affair within the auto industry. The industry reported a number of recalls in the last two years, ever since the adoption of SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers’) Voluntary Recall Code in July 2012. After having discussed about the introduction of a mandatory recall policy for over a year now, the government is yet to formally announce the same. According to industry sources, the policy is expected to be announced this financial year.

Maruti Suzuki, the largest automaker, last month recalled 1,03,311 units of Swift, DZire and Ertiga to replace faulty fuel filler neck. While, the Japanese carmaker Toyota Kirloskar Motor recalled around 45,000 units of its MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) Innova earlier this year for rectifying a defect in the steering wheel.

In one of the biggest recalls in the industry, General Motors last year recalled 1,14,000 units of its SUV Tavera to address specifications and emissions issues.

Hyundai Driving Academy launched in Chennai

Hyundai is been getting aggressive by the passing days. To its latest addition of repertoire, the carmaker launched a driving academy in Chennai, India.

Dubbed as ‘Hyundai Driving academy’, the institution is dwelled out in association with the Institute of Road Transport (IRT), with an initiative to develop the driving skills in the youths of rural India.

Hence, the CSR wing of Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF) has lent out ample amount of efforts to take on this initiative till the actual purpose. Commemorating about the cost, Korean carmaker pumped in Rs. 30 lakh to provide training at least to 100 underprivileged boys. While the plans chalked out by the organization also says, 100 general students will be given a chance to learn at this academy alongside the underprivileged, at “subsidised rates”.

Hyundai Driving Academy
Continuing further, HMIF is learnt to lose its pocket strings by Rs. 20 lakh in the subsequent years to continue this activity, letting more of the socially-incapable youths to get them a better future.

Talking details, all the students will not only be taught how to drive in various road conditions, but also to drive safe as per the proper rules and regulations regarded by road transportation lobbies of India. The training is learnt to be revolving round the 10 hours of practical and five hours of theory classes. Students enrolling themselves for the course can customise the training schedule as per their convenience.

Hyundai will provide underprivileged students a comprehensive training, inclusive of driving, car maintenance sessions, spoken English, etiquette, yoga and basic finance. At the end of course, all students will also be lend a helping in obtaining their driving licences.

To its benefits, IRT now got the facilities improved in the class rooms and elsewhere by HMIF, which had flecked the organization for an additional bulge of Rs 15 lakh. But to its duty, additional man power support will also be provided to run the academy.

However, to our surprise, Hyundai already runs a training facility inside its factory where it has taught 400 rural youth for free of cost. This initiative is legged as an addition to the existing one.

“This academy will help new car buyers and the existing car owners to learn the nuances of driving in all terrains and conditions. Another important aim of launching this academy is to cater to the needy youth in the city, thereby enhancing their skills and helping them gain employment,” said BW Ryu, executive director, HMIL, at the venue.

Hyundai India starts trophy tour for ICC Champions Trophy 2013

India’s second largest auto maker, Hyundai Motor India Ltd, the exclusive partner for ICC yesterday showcased the ICC Champions Trophy 2013 in Delhi. The trophy tour will start from Delhi and will go all the way to Mumbai and Chennai.

The Trophy tour board the Delhi and will be there from May 20 to 22, then it will move the Mumbai where it will be showcased for 23 and 24th May and then it will reach Chennai on May 25th. As a part of the tour Hyundai will also be bringing many activities for the cricket fans. To celebrate the passion of cricket with the Champions Trophy, anyone can visit the mall and can SMS- BBH to 5262 and 5 lucky couple will get a chance of an exclusive dinner with the Champions Trophy.

Speaking about the tour, Sr. General Manager and Group head of Hyundai India, Mr. Nalin Kapoor said that being the official partner of the ICC Champions Trophy it is quite a pleasure for them to organize Trophy Tour to give the first hand experience the cricket fans. He further expressed his hopes that the tour will strengthen the bond with the ICC. He also said that company is quite ready to keep their customers occupied with the number of activities that are arriving in upcoming months.

Hyundai India starts trophy tour for ICC Champions Trophy 2013
Moreover Hyundai fans can come and will be allowed to select the mall and they may even be able to click a picture with the Champions Trophy. The current status and the location of the trophy can also be checked at the facebook fan page of Hyundai. Facebook fans will also get an exclusive invite for the trophy tour activities.

Other than this Hyundai in association with the ESPN has brought an exciting opportunity for the true cricket fans in form of Cricjockey. As a part of the ‘Blue By Heart;’ campaign Hyundai India will be starting this contest that will be available online and on various gaming platforms. Fans will need to watch the video and submit their commentary. Winners will be visiting the actual Cricinfo studio in Bangalore city and will be able to learn the entire procedures for cricket reporting. The mega winner will get the opportunity to write entire blog on ESPN website.

Hyundai Motor India exports surge 25.7%

Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL) has exported around 24, 551 vehicle units during the month of April 2013 as against 19, 536 vehicle units exported during the same period of 2012.

The above figure has shown an increase of 25.7% in the exports.

But, HMIL’s domestic sale facts remained at 32, 403 vehicle units during the month of April as against 35, 070 vehicle units leading to a declension of 7.6%.

The Korean car manufacturer has witnessed a cumulative expansion of about 4.3% during the last month.

Hyundai i20

While talking on the facts, Mr. Rakesh Srivastava, the company’s Senior VP, sales and marketing, stated, “The export facts have demonstrated positive expansion owing to sturdy demand from non-European zones whilst the Indian market carries on witnessing pressure.”

“Though there are indications of revival with the augmentation in demand for petrol vehicles. In existing hard times, Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL) is incessantly winning market share with a sturdy product collection of popular and examined brands up on worth and aspirational worth Mr. Rakesh Srivastava added up.

He also said that in spite of an overall slump in the automobile market, Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL) is still eyeing to lift up its market share. At the present time, the company is the second biggest auto producer in the nation after Maruti Suzuki.

HMIL hopes to sell about 6,50,000 units in 2013

Hyundai Motor India Ltd., India’s second largest automaker is moving high in the Indian market. And with the aspirations riding high, the carmaker has aimed to sale about 6,50,000 units in 2013. Hyundai is also planning to reveal its engine plant that will be capable of manufacturing both diesel and petrol engine with an investment of about $300 million by the end of this year.

According to Director of Finance and corporate affairs, Mr. R. Sethuraman, last year Hyundai India has signed a deal with the government of Tamil Nadu to invest Rs. 4,000 crore. He said that the amount will be mainly be concentrated around the engine plant and will be spent over a time span of seven years.

Speaking on the same MD, Bo Shim Seo said that the 650,000 units of sale target will also comprise of about 410,000 units from the domestic market. He also said that with the development of the flexible engine facility with the capacity of 300,000 units, Hyundai will be able to manufacture diesel cars with the same pace.

HMIL hopes to sell about 6,50,000 units in 2013
He further stated that by accommodating the domestic car market new NCR, company is not feeling to start a new plant in north west part of the country. Hyundai can handle the increased capacity of about 700,000 units in its Tamil Nadu plant itself. It is also being heard that company is focusing primarily on the domestic market and the other plants will be responsible for handling exports.

Hyundai Confronts Labour problem, production suffers

It’s been only more than a month, when the country car division, which is already suffering from the fire of global meltdown, came out of shock s of Maruti’s Manesar facility’s shut out and currently the nation’s second biggest car manufacturer Hyundai has came out as another automobile group to be suffering the impact of labor turbulence.

Labor at Hyundai India’s Sriperumbudur plant, who have been addressing logistics processes, have continued stir and as a result, the production has been decreased.

Though logistics processes have been outsourced, but permanent staff at plant is working at slower speed in showing harmony with the provisionally hired logistics staff.

Hyundai Confronts Labour problem production suffers

The permanent staff at Hyundai started stir on the issue of 41 demands, for which a contract has been forwarded to the company’s board. According to Mr. R. Sridhar, General Secretary, HMIEU, union is giving advice to the management to resolve the matter, otherwise they will start a protest.

As per Rajiv Mitra, corporate communications head of Hyundai Motor, fabrication is still going on; about 20 per cent of the production had been affected.

Though the stir has hit production in a moderate manner, however it has approached at the time when demand for automobiles in the Indian market is going up with festive season approaching, so if production confronts any upshot, few models such as Verna and i10 fluidic will witness a hefty loss as both of them have gigantic demands in the Indian markets.

Auto companies post mixed sales figures; optimistic about festive season sales

Indian auto companies posted mixed sales figures for the month September this year, but they are hopeful that the imminent festive season would improve suppressed demand.

Maruti, the biggest passenger car manufacturer in the country, sold 93,988 units in September this year, up 9.8 per cent from 85,565 units in the corresponding period of last year.

Maruti’s domestic sales increased 12.7 per cent, from 78,816 units to 88,801 units; but its exports under slipped 23.1 per cent, from 6,749 units in September 2011 to 5,187 units in September 2012.

Auto companies post mixed sales figures; optimistic about festive season sales

Chennai-headquartered Hyundai Motor suffered a decline of 7.3 per cent in sales, from 57,804 units in September 2011 to 53,558 units in the same month of this year. Its domestic sales slipped 14.2 per cent, from 35,955 units to 30,851 units; however, its export jumped 3.9 per cent, from 21,849 units to 22,707 units.

Hyundai is optimistic that festive season would boost demand for cars in the country. Rakesh Srivastava, vice president of national sales at Hyundai Motor, said, “We expect the suppressed demand would improve on account of festive purchases as the demand peaks during this period.”

Tata Motors too suffered a decline of 4 per cent in sales in September year-on-year. Its domestic sales slipped 3 per cent, from 72,566 units to 70,332 units; while exports slipped 12 per cent, from 6,217 units to 5,441 units.

Hyundai records sales growth by 6.4% in July

In a period when the entire world is experiencing a tough economic phase, few companies have been reported to witness positive growth in their demands. Hyundai Motor India Limited is one such company. Country’s second largest passenger carmaker cataloged a collective sale of 52,845 units in July 2012. The figures actually demonstrate sales growth of 6.4% over the one recorded in July 2011.

The automaker’s exports and domestic sales both have contributed in the same. While the export figures have shot up from July last year’s 24,024 units to 24,260 units in July 2012, the domestic sales too experienced a growth; from 25,260 units to 25,642 units for the same month for both the years.

Hyundai Motor India Ltd.’s National Sales Vice President, Rakesh Srivastava quoted that it’s because of interest rates and high fuel prices that the market is experiencing such a suppressed phase. He further stated that the market trends would improve only when some major changes happen.

Hyundai records sales growth by 6.4% in July

The Jap automaker’s Indian domain has in fact experienced a growth in A2 and A3 segments too. Well! The quantitative report on sales suggests so. Company’s A2 segment cars like Eon, Santro, i10 and even i20 cataloged a sales figure of 44,274 units in July 2012. In the A3 segment, Accent and Verna collectively recorded a sale of 8,454 units. The story just doesn’t end here. Hyundai Motor India Ltd.’s Sonata and Santa Fe SUV too have recorded the sale of 32 and 85 units respectively.

Now, with such increment in sales figure in almost all the segments of the company, we can certainly judge the potential of its products. If the company did so well over the past year, and that too under such tough economic conditions, it certainly can do wonders if some major changes take back the market trend to stability. So the company is just waiting to do wonders.