Hyundai Confronts Labour problem, production suffers

It’s been only more than a month, when the country car division, which is already suffering from the fire of global meltdown, came out of shock s of Maruti’s Manesar facility’s shut out and currently the nation’s second biggest car manufacturer Hyundai has came out as another automobile group to be suffering the impact of labor turbulence.

Labor at Hyundai India’s Sriperumbudur plant, who have been addressing logistics processes, have continued stir and as a result, the production has been decreased.

Though logistics processes have been outsourced, but permanent staff at plant is working at slower speed in showing harmony with the provisionally hired logistics staff.

Hyundai Confronts Labour problem production suffers

The permanent staff at Hyundai started stir on the issue of 41 demands, for which a contract has been forwarded to the company’s board. According to Mr. R. Sridhar, General Secretary, HMIEU, union is giving advice to the management to resolve the matter, otherwise they will start a protest.

As per Rajiv Mitra, corporate communications head of Hyundai Motor, fabrication is still going on; about 20 per cent of the production had been affected.

Though the stir has hit production in a moderate manner, however it has approached at the time when demand for automobiles in the Indian market is going up with festive season approaching, so if production confronts any upshot, few models such as Verna and i10 fluidic will witness a hefty loss as both of them have gigantic demands in the Indian markets.

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