Hyundai records sales growth by 6.4% in July

In a period when the entire world is experiencing a tough economic phase, few companies have been reported to witness positive growth in their demands. Hyundai Motor India Limited is one such company. Country’s second largest passenger carmaker cataloged a collective sale of 52,845 units in July 2012. The figures actually demonstrate sales growth of 6.4% over the one recorded in July 2011.

The automaker’s exports and domestic sales both have contributed in the same. While the export figures have shot up from July last year’s 24,024 units to 24,260 units in July 2012, the domestic sales too experienced a growth; from 25,260 units to 25,642 units for the same month for both the years.

Hyundai Motor India Ltd.’s National Sales Vice President, Rakesh Srivastava quoted that it’s because of interest rates and high fuel prices that the market is experiencing such a suppressed phase. He further stated that the market trends would improve only when some major changes happen.

Hyundai records sales growth by 6.4% in July

The Jap automaker’s Indian domain has in fact experienced a growth in A2 and A3 segments too. Well! The quantitative report on sales suggests so. Company’s A2 segment cars like Eon, Santro, i10 and even i20 cataloged a sales figure of 44,274 units in July 2012. In the A3 segment, Accent and Verna collectively recorded a sale of 8,454 units. The story just doesn’t end here. Hyundai Motor India Ltd.’s Sonata and Santa Fe SUV too have recorded the sale of 32 and 85 units respectively.

Now, with such increment in sales figure in almost all the segments of the company, we can certainly judge the potential of its products. If the company did so well over the past year, and that too under such tough economic conditions, it certainly can do wonders if some major changes take back the market trend to stability. So the company is just waiting to do wonders.

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