Tata Aria Facelift and MUV Movus Launch on March 12, 2014

Tata Truck Racing has thrilled the audience on televisions, with its jaw dropping TVC; but the brand is slotted to make an interesting move on its ‘passenger vehicles’ too at this month, during an event in Chennai. The new move will be basically the launch of “Aria facelift”, and a “MUV named Movus”, not the Zest sedan and Bolt hatchback that awed the audience at Delhi Auto Expo 2014. Hopefully, both of the aforesaid models, (Aria facelift and Movus) are termed to be the need of industry, and were also astounded to be there in the works of India-based carmaker for a quite long time.

Though, we didn’t have any concrete information on the Movus, so let’s concentrate on the update version of its crossover Aria. The first and the most remarkable change meant to be seen on it will be under the hoods. Yes, the Aria facelift will now be dwelling the updated VariCor turbo-diesel engine of 2.2-litre, the same one that was bumped in the Safari Storme, with an addition of 10 more horsepower, notching upto 148bhp from 138bhp.

Tata Aria Facelift and MUV Movus Launch on March 12, 2014
The cosmetic changes that is bound to be seen will be the redesigned headlamps and smoked tail-lamps. Whereas, the major philosophical change from the perception of automotive fraternity i.e. the ‘automatic gearbox’, which was unveiled at 2013 Geneva Motor Show, is still under wraps. So, those who were in the line to buy that, they may have to wait for more number of months in order to get the ordinance of Tata Motors straight in the line of automatic transmission. We speculate, the Tata Motors may do the work on Aria automatic after the launch of Nano automatic. What say?

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