Tata Motors Joins hands with SIAM against counterfeiting

On the occasion of the world counterfeiting day, Tata Motors along with SIAM announced a nationwide anti-counterfeiting campaign across all its dealerships. Tata motor’s spare part business is one of the important areas in elevating the company’s customer satisfaction index over several years and the Tata Motor’s original passenger car parts are marked as ‘TOP’ (Tata Motors Original Parts) under the extensive service package from the company. With the start of the TOP showrooms, Tata Motors is trying to ensure the promotion and use of original parts and spares which in turn will guarantee higher performance and longer life with an everlasting customer relationship.

The leading auto maker has come up with this plan to promote the use of original spare parts in the market through its branded original parts known as TOP. This will allow the customers to get the benefits of the advance technology that are provided in the form of safety, reliability, economy, durability and environmental safety. The company is also planning to increase the distribution network from 23 to 27 in next financial year. Other than that the authorized Retailers will be increased from current 3,500 to 5,000. And with the development of world class warehouse facility at Chakan in Pune, company will also be enhancing its distribution warehouse network.

Tata Motors Joins hands with SIAM against counterfeiting

The products training will be conducted by the distributors to ensure that more than 3000 mechanics understand Tata Motor products and use its original parts every year. Tata promotes the development and use if the original kits for the regular repairing jobs such as overhauling of engine, suspension repair, and services. Hundreds of such kits are available for repairs.

The automotive aftermarket is the market that deals with the service, repair and distribution of vehicle parts, tools, equipment, accessories and others. According to ACMA the total estimated worth of the industry is more than Rs. 33,000 crore out of which parts comprises of about Rs. 25,000 crores and other Rs. 8,000 crore comprises of service costs.

Auto Industry

The industry mainly consists of following players:

  1. Component Suppliers: This mainly consists of part manufacturers, distributors, OEMs, OESs, authorized dealers and overseas suppliers.
  2. Service Providers: these are authorized dealers, semi-organized workshops, unorganized service providers, road side garages and multi-brand workshops.

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