Tata Motor’s market capital exceeds ‘1 trillion’ mark

Tata Motors is riding all time high, but today its market capital crossed the mark of Rs.1 trillion ($ 18.23 billion). On Wednesday, Tata Motor’s capital witnessed an increase of 4.7%, while in the whole calendar of 2012 they rose by a baton of 75%. It was also rated as the best performer amongst 30 Sensex stocks.

Outstanding performance of Jaguar Land Rover in China is the dominating reason for crossing 1 trillion, and the new launches from Jaguar had also played significantly. Market analysts also say that JLR will deliver devastating performance in FY 14-15.

Tata Motor’s market capital exceeds '1 trillion' mark
Meanwhile, its commercial vehicle sale is still lying low but is expected to pick-up in FY15. The Carmaker is heavily betting on the new Safari Storme, as it failed to grab the lead position in SUV segment with its previous model.

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