Tata Motors proposes to build hybrid and electric vehicles by 2020

Tata Motors, the nation’s biggest car manufacturer, is presently functioning on the development of latest cars that will consist of cars with alternative fuels, electric as well as hybrids cars.

According to the firm’s Chairman, Mr. Cyrus Mistry, these vehicles will be rolled out in a period of more than 7 years.

Mr. Cyrus also stated that the British division of the company, Jaguar Land Rover is also looking forward to bring in facelift or innovative cars by the end of the existing year.

Together with this, Tata Motors is also making plans to explore novel chances in other increasing market zones such as Saudi Arabia, Brazil and India.

Tata Motors proposes to build hybrid and electric vehicles by 2020
Mr. Cyrus stated, “The firm is functioning on a number of latest products, with a proposal running up to 2020; this comprises proper concentration on alternate fuels, hybrids and electric vehicles. With transformations in the organization arrangement, the firm is determined to perk up its client understanding to better convene market requirements, and provide products speedily via optimized operational procedures.”

It must be mentioned that recently Tata Motors has declared its HORIZONEXT approach that is based on the strong product focus, progressive production, superiority, augmented client experience.

Sources near to the growth procedure said that this move of the auto manufacturer will drive its growth in the domestic automobile market.

Making headway, Mr. Cyrus added that the firm will confront challenges, however countered that “the organization is determined to promote an ethnicity of client centricity as well as modernism, so that the firm’s goods and services constantly surpass client hopes.”

Talking on JLR, Mr. Cyrus stated, “Technical improvement and engineering superiority have stood JLR in good stead for continued, lucrative development and the firm proposes to roll out 8 new or revived cars in 2013.”

Agreeing that it is an energetic and strong company, Mr. Mistry is of a opinion that JLR is “sturdily placed crosswise key worldwide zones for further expansion. “

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