Tata Motors Receives Indian Multinational of the Year Award

Tata Motors is the famous name in global auto fraternity and to add more charm to the already well-known monogram, President of India had bestowed it with the Prestigious Multinational Indian of the Year at AIMA Managing India Awards 2013, was held on 11th April, at New Delhi.

On behalf of the whole organization, Karl Slym, Managing Director, Tata Motors had received the award from our Hon’ble President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee.

For receiving this achievement Mr. Slym exclaimed, “It is a great honour for me to receive this award on behalf of Tata Motors. To be recognised by this prestigious organisation as Indian Multinational of the year, rewards the efforts in this very important area for Domestic companies, embracing the responsibility to take India global.”

Tata Motors Receives Indian Multinational of the Year Award
Just to inform, AIMA had taken the initiative like Managing India Award to promote management groups in various fields, so that advanced development in an economy can be highlighted in respective aspect of industry.

And to an extent Karl had also explained what does it takes to leap the organization forward, this he had explained in his statement which says, “We have unique strengths and competitive advantages from operating in the Indian environment and from the local employees entrepreneurial culture. It is important that we use this to play to win on the global stage.

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