Tata Motors Rewards SVLL Through Loyalty Program

Working for Tata Motors doesn’t mean one cannot enjoy the rewards from its acquired automotive brands. To bring it to our notice, Tata had affirmed one can also be rewarded the JLR accolades if the India based automaker is overwhelmed by the performance. And standing affirm to this note, Tata Emperor and TATA Delight, the commercial vehicles industry’s only loyalty program by Tata Motors, felicitated Siddhi Vinayak Logistics Ltd (SVLL), with the new LandRover FreeLander, as the loyalty programs fastest growing member. As one of Tata Motors largest customers, SVLL redeemed its points for a LandRover FreeLander, accrued as a member of Tata Emperor.

As a way of recognizing customers for purchases through Tata Motors Authorised Commercial vehicles network and partner stores, Tata Emperor and TATA Delight, is meant for both new and existing customers who accrue valuable reward points through the purchase and re-purchase of a new Tata Motors Commercial vehicles, spares, service, vehicle re-Construction Annual Maintenance Contract and at fueling stations,. As one of Tata Emperor’s fastest growing members, SVLL redeemed its points for a new LandRover FreeLander at a key handover ceremony held recently in Mumbai.

Tata Motors Rewards SVLL Through Loyalty Program

At the handover ceremony, Mr. Deepak Baid, Director, M/s SVLL said, “Being part of a Loyalty program has been extremely beneficial for fleet owners like us, where post purchase expenses are huge, with a constant need for faster turnaround times and minimal downtime. The returns offered through Tata Motors Loyalty Program goes beyond encashing reward points and availing discounts, but on building a business that is competitive, assured of the right kind of service, spares and quality.

Mr. Vinod Sahay, Head – Sales & Marketing, Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles, ‘Tata Motors Commercial Vehicle loyalty program has received a fantastic reaction since its launch – it’s simple, convenient and gives our customers peace of mind. The loyalty program is also a great recognition for our fleet owners, in developing class-leading services that makes owning and maintaining a Tata Motors truck more rewarding and enjoyable. We are proud that SVLL, has chosen to be part of the program, for a luxury vehicle as an award that is as popular as it is with car enthusiast.’

Similarly, other key account customers benefited through Tata Motors Loyalty Program – M/s.Ideal Logistics availed of JK Tyres worth Rs.7.5 Lac against their loyalty points, while other RCI Logistics & Shekhar Logistics availed of Raymonds Gift Voucher worth Rs. 2 lakhs and Tanishq gift vouchers worth Rs. 1 lakhs respectively, against redemption of their loyalty points.

Apart from key account customers, small commercial vehicle customers can also avail benefits like discounted service & repair bills at Tata Motors Authorised Service stations. Through Tata Delight, small commercial vehicle customers also benefit through facilities like Unnamed Insurance cover for drivers, for upto Rs.2.2 lakhs and other attractive benefits like child scholarships etc.

Tata Motors recently also extended the loyalty program across Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited’s (BPCL) 5000 retail outlets pan-India.

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