Tata Motors ‘School Bus Safety awareness program’ conducted at Podar International School

Tata Motors has always remained when it comes to serving the society. And in the latest, with an aim to partner with the community, Tata Motors announced a national level School Bus Safety program, targeting all stake holders involved in School Bus travel. Through the School Bus Safety program, Tata Motors aims at sensitising school children, their parents, drivers, attendants and school bus staff, to prevent and minimise accidents during travel. As part of the School Bus Safety campaign, Tata Motors has initiated the ‘Hamare Bus Ki Baat Hai’ (for school bus attendees),‘Safety Hamaare Bus Mein’ (Mock drills on safety measures in case of a fire & safe school bus travel, for children) and ‘Dream it to Win it’ (national level essay & painting competition, for children).

Tata Motors today conducted the ‘Hamare Bus Ki Baat Hai’ program, at Podar International School, Santacruz, Mumbai.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. R Ramakrishnan, Senior Vice President, (Commercial), Commercial Vehicles Business Unit, Tata Motors said, “Each day at countless bus stops across the country, parents entrust schools with what’s most precious to them – their children. It is a huge responsibility and one that places enormous pressure on schools and various people associated in the travel of their children. Tata Motors through these campaigns has partnered with parents, schools and transport authorities, shouldering their responsibility, to keep their children safe while commuting to and from school. These initiatives have been designed to sensitise, motivate and train children and school bus staff, on issues related to school bus travel and safety.”

Tata Motors 'School Bus Safety awareness program' conducted at Podar International School

Mr. Gaurav Podar, Trustee, Podar International School, said, “Safety is of paramount importance to every school and through these initiatives, we are happy to partner with Tata Motors in imparting a very important element of safety for our children, in School Bus travel. Our school participated in the ‘Hamare Bus Ki Baat Hai’ campaign, which has been very well received by our school bus staff. We would like to thank Tata Motors for playing such an active role in our school.”

The ‘Hamare Bus Ki Baat Hai’ program targets school bus drivers and attendants, educating them on the softer aspects of interacting with children and parents. The interactive training programme has been designed with inputs from various stake holders, sensitising participants to better understand a child’s needs, creating awareness about their duties and responsibilities, general etiquette & behavior, and to take necessary measures in case of accidents.

‘Safety Hamaare Bus Mein’ programme is designed to educate school children on using safety features in buses, tips on safe travel and other softer aspects of dealing with school bus staff. The training includes aspects like mock fire drill in schools, a virtual experience film showing safe travel, sessions with select students on safety and a safety quiz in school. It involves safety drills like entry/exit, emergency evacuation, and effective handling of safety provisions in a bus. This campaign is set to kick-off shortly.

“Dream it to Win it” contest received participation of over 3,000 schools in a national level essay & painting competition. The contest helped in showcasing the talent of children and enhancing their awareness levels, on the importance of safe school bus travel. Though this program, children were felicitated with certificates, scholarships and exciting gifts.

Tata Motors understands that parents of children are like any other bus customer. They want to be informed and want the bus provider to be responsive. Recognising that all these issues are important for parents, Tata Motors has devised ‘the Safest School Bus concept’, with technology as the backbone. The safest school bus concept incorporates some unique safety features in a Tata Motors SKOOL BUS –

  • 2 cameras fitted, one on the front windshield & one in saloon area
  • Monitor to capture & display real time images
  • DVR System with built-in GPS sensors
  • Supports up to 64 GB Micro SDHC card for recording
  • Rear view camera with display monitor mounted on the dashboard
  • Roof mounted flashing lamps which will flash as soon as the door is opened
  • Door buzzer & indicator on dash board
  • Electronic front destination board
  • Stop request switch on each seat location

Apart from these technology rich features, Tata Motors SKOOL buses are also fitted with comfortable seating, chin guard, stop sign on passenger door, 2-point lap seat belts, one row roof grab rail handles, fire extinguishers, rear high mount stop lamp, rear breakable windshield with hammer.

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