Tata Motors Unveils Facelift Models of Nano, Indigo eCS and Sumo Gold: HORIZONEXT

Said to be the big day for Tata Motors today, Indian carmaker had wowed us by revealing 8 upgraded badges across its 5 model plates. Namely, it is the facelift version of Nano, Indigo, and Sumo Gold. It too had tweaked Indica very minutely for the new avatar, and had provided Explorer Edition for the recently launched SUV Safari Storme.

Hence, the above mentioned names conclude only to five, the rest three are termed by automaker in eMax brand, which it had slated to post only the CNG badges. ‘eMax’ is now done with factory fitted CNG kits for Indigo, Indica and “Nano”.

Overall, above mentioned new crisps made respectively to the circumference of (Tata’s) new strategy called “HORIZONEXT”. This strategy is said to focus on four major points that will say a lot about their future, just like what the Mahindra had achieved via ‘Rise’. Those four points are:

Tata Motors Unveils Facelift Models of Nano, Indigo eCS and Sumo Gold

Intense product focus

Focus on world-class manufacturing practices

Enriched customer purchase experience

Consistent quality of service

Nano, Indigo eCS and Sumo Gold HORIZONEXT
Speaking at Horizonext, Mr. Karl Slym, Managing Director, Tata Motors, said, “While the Indian automobile market has become intensely competitive, our goal is to enhance our market leadership in commercial vehicles and move to a strong podium finish in the passenger vehicle market. Horizonext is the next step in line with the company’s mission to be passionate in anticipating and providing the best vehicles and experiences that excite our customers globally. We are igniting that passion — so that customers are central to us, in what we are offering in our products, in the manner we are engaging with them at our dealerships, and in the processes we have adopted in servicing their vehicles.”

Tata Sumo Gold

Tata Indica Tata Indigo eCSTata Safari Storme Tata Nano emax

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