Tata Motors working on a left hand drive Nano

Right now Tata Nano by Tata Motors is equipped with a right hand steering wheel, which is the norm in the countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka other than India where right hand drive is supported. But with a new left hand drive variant, the possibility of the Tata Nano to be exported to other foreign countries will increase. This also means that this small car will have a record breaking sale in the international markets as well. Last month only it registered arecord sale of more than 10,000 units in a single month.

The left hand drive international markets would possibly be parts of South-America, Africa and South East Asia. All these places have a lot of potential buyers who are looking for a low-cost small car in which they can move around with their friends or/and family. With a low per-capita income in these countries, Tata Nano will make more sense to the people over there with a limited budget to spend on a four wheeler. Other car manufacturing firms who are already present over there can’t ever provide a car as low in price as Tata Nano for the low income group of the society. The dedicated Tata Nano production plant of Sanand in Gujarat has an overwhelming manufacturing capacity of 2,50,000 units per year, but currently it is only manufacturing a small portion of its possible volume which is 10,000 units in a month only. Once the new variant get its settings right and goes international, this plant will definitely be put on its full production capacity to fulfill the hunger and eagerness of people to become the owner of the lowest-cost four-wheeler of the world.

Tata Nano left hand drive
Other than a left hand drive to boost the sales of the Tata Nano in the international market, Tata Motors is also working on a diesel variant of its smallest car with a more powerful engine to woo its customers. Now since the Indian customers have realized the benefits of Nano and the fact that Tata is working on the left hand drive version, it is going to be the company which will get the most out of these recent developments. With the increased volume of sales in the national and international markets, the revenue will definitely increase for the company.

Tata Nano left hand drive

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