Watch anything live in your car, even IPL

Time to get out of your house and get back on the road rather than be a couch potato, dumping everything else to watch your favorite IPL match on the television. Now with the avaniTV’s in-car entertainment system you can watch seamless live matches, movies and more while you are on the move. avaniTV is a product of avaniTV Solutions Private Limited which can give its viewer the pleasure of watching whatever they wish to through a mobile internet high speed connection. The firm has an alliance with the Reliance Communication to utilize its services for the viewing pleasure of its customers.

AvaniTV Car kit

The avaniTV provides around forty live channels to pick your favorite one, but the mobile internet connection is a mandatory requirement in order to use this service. Without a mobile internet connection this facility can’t be activated. You can not only have your favorite IPL, but also the movies on demand, internet radio for audio pleasure when your eyes are tired and internet videos where you can take your pick from or just watch a video message sent to you from a friend or likewise.

The avaniTV Car kit entertainment service of premium quality can be procured from all the major cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Cochin, and eastern UP among other major parts of India. One can also buy the avaniTV Car kit for Rs 19,990 from the website at and purchase an LCD or LED screen, which is sold separately by leading dealers as per your preference of size and picture quality. While the installation procedure does not need any kind of alternations to the vehicle’s interior or exterior making it a stress free possession for the vehicle beauty obsessed owner, the procedure is carried out by the trained personnel of the company.

AvaniTV Car kit

Till now only the LCD or LED or touchscreen were available with the infotainment systems with memory card readers to play audio or video as per choice, but nothing real-time. This new service will let people have whatever they wish to see in real-time rather than cancelling their trips and stay home to watch what they love the most to see from time to time. This time it is Indian Premier League cricket matches.Next time it could be the Olympics.

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