Tata Motors Working on an All Electric Tiago

Tata Motors Working on an All Electric Tiago

Indian car maker Tata Motors has reportedly been working on an all-electric production variant of the Tata Tiago hatchback. Word circulating the Internet suggests that the Tiago will be the first production model in Tata Motors’ consumer vehicle portfolio to come with an all-electric powertrain.

The company has previously shown off an all-electric prototype of the Tata Bolt hatchback, but it never came up to production stages. The Tata Motors European Technical Centre has been responsible for the company’s all-electric efforts, and has been working on developing sustainable battery technology over the last few years. The Tiago’s low cost platform is expected to be an ideal offset for the relatively more expensive electric setup required to drive the vehicle, which makes it an ideal vehicle for Tata Motors to introduce itself to EVs.

The Tata Tiago has been one of the first vehicles to have started Tata Motors’ resurgence in terms of offering lifestyle-oriented vehicles, and has been hailed for offering a comprehensive package of features along with its easy city driving characteristics. The company also priced the Tiago competitively, making it an interesting overall package.

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