Tata Nano Diesel to sport Honeywell turbocharger

We love petrol cars because they are more powerful and more fun to drive than their diesel counterparts. However, the upcoming Tata Nano will bend the rules and feature, well, better performance. The news of Tata launching a Nano diesel has been doing rounds since quite a while.

Honeywell, an OEM autoparts maker will grant the Nano diesel with a turbocharger. The company is a well renowned supplier of turbochargers for various models in the country. It has its state-of-the-art facility that develops turbochargers as per engine requirement.

Tata Nano Diesel
With a small capacity, twin cylinder, 700-800cc diesel unit, Honeywell engineers will have a lot play around with for supplying power boost to the small engine.

Apart from being the cheapest car in the world, the Nano diesel will feature spectacular fuel efficiency, about 40kmpl. We will have to wait for official words from Tata, and the launch is just around the corner, as the model has been caught doing test rounds near its Pimpri facility in Pune.

In addition to the new turbo, the Tata Nano diesel will feature a hydraulically operated conventional hatchback door that will improvise the current boot space scenario. Interestingly, with all these added features, the Nano diesel comes at around 33 percent cheaper than the petrol variant. Expect an early 2013 launch.

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