Tata Nano to get exclusive showrooms


After Big Bazaar, Tata Motors are planning of more ways to market the small car, the Tata Nano. Sales of the Tata Nano have reached a level wherein the company is thinking of doubling its production levels. Moreover Tata Motors is planning to have showrooms which would cater only to the Tata Nano. The company has already established showrooms which cater only to its mini truck, the Ace and mind you, there are about 600 outlets selling only the Ace. A spokesperson from Tata Motors said that the company is planning to open the showrooms only in small towns as the established cities already have got multi purpose showrooms.

As of the now, the Tata Nano is sold across 619 outlets across the country whereas the Ace gets 600 plus showrooms dedicated only for it. Future up, Tata authorized service stations would also have the Tata Nano displayed along with the regular outlets. The company is banking on the Nano big time to take the company’s sales chart to the next level. Moreover the company was also taking over the Ace to customers by the way of direct marketing. We Indians are getting to see some of the best marketing strategies by a company which is desperately trying to sell a product which has all the potentials of being a sales raker.

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