Autohangar will handle Lamborghini’s Mumbai dealership

The financial capital of India, Mumbai gets its first Lamborghini dealership in the name of Autohangar. As of now, Exclusive Motors handled duties of marketing and selling the Lamborghini cars. Exclusive Motors has got its headquarters in New Delhi. Lamborghini has got a head start on other sports car manufacturers in India like Aston Martin, Ferrari and Maserati, coming in to the country ahead of them. Volkswagen which owns Lamborghini is now thinking of setting up its own National Sales Channel or NSCs for its individual brands like Lamborghini and Porsche. The location for the new showroom in Mumbai is yet to be finalized and Autohangar officials are scouting for possible locations. It is most likely that the new showroom would come up in Worli. The showroom would be fully functional by the end of 2011.

Moreover with the advent of the competition, Volkswagen are thinking of cutting down on their profit margins and selling the Lamborghini cars with a less expensive tag. This spells good news for sports car fans as due to this price war, in the end, they would be getting desirable sports cars at a comparatively less expensive price. So in the near future, prospective customers can get their Lamborghinis at a cheaper price. As of now, the company’s newest creation, the Lamborghini Aventador, which has got 10 numbers allotted for India, is being sold at almost bidding rates. The standing price of this car in India is Rs 4 crores. However with most of the multi millionaires rushing to book this 700Bhp car, it is no wonder that there would be a bid starting up now. It is also most likely that Autohangar would be seeing over Lamborghini’s operations in the western part of India whereas Exclusive Motors would be handling things far up the north in India.

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