Tata Nano Twist spotted sans the camouflage

Tata has been working on the power steering variant of the Nano, which has now been spotted and is called the Nano Twist. The car is expected to be launched at the National Centre of Performing Arts, on 13th January that will be held in Mumbai. ZF Friedrischshafen has supplied this new electric power steering for the Nano. This system has been specially developed for the Nano, and will feature “Active Return” along with a brushless motor. Most of the other cars that are now manufactured feature the electric power steering. This feature has been added to the Nano so that it is easy to navigate the car in the city traffic.

The new Nano does not seem to have too many changes with respect to its previous models. The car will only feature new badging and will be offered to the customers with an additional color option of Damson Purple. The instrument panel has now been redesigned, which comprises of LED fuel and temperature gauges. The digital clock and the digital trip meter have been repositioned, along with the new power steering system interface.

Tata Nano Twist spotted

Just like the previous models of the car, Nano Twist will feature the same 623cc, two-pot engine which can produce maximum power of up to 37bhp with a maximum torque of 51Nm. Many of the reports have pointed out that Tata has already dispatched the Nano Twist to many of its dealers. The car is expected to have two variants, the XT and XC, which will have a price of Rs.15,000 more than the LX and CX variants.

Tata Nano Twist spotted Interiors

Tata Nano Twist spotted Back View
Image Courtesy- CarToq

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