Tata sells just 948 Nano cars during last month

What began as an assurance to be ‘the People’s car’, well known auto giant Tata Motors’ Nano is detecting it hard to make a start with clients turning their backs to the vehicle, sale facts for which have been declining and posted just 948 vehicle units in the month of April 2013.

Following a slump in the automobile market within the country, the sales of the world’s cheapest car dropped more than 88% during April 2013, whereas the company had sold around 8,028 vehicle units last year in the same period.

As per reports, Tata Motors Ltd did not export any Nano during April 2013.

In April last year as well, not a single piece of Nano got exported, even though the firm had commenced selling the vehicle in the Sri Lankan market during 2011.

Even during the last fiscal, the world’s cheapest car was on a downward slope.

Tata sells just 948 Nano cars during last month
According to SIAM, the company has seen a decline of 27.75% in the vehicles sales facts during the last financial, which stood at 53,848 vehicle units as compared 74,527 vehicle units during 2011-12.

During the last financial, the auto firm exported around 166 vehicle units of the car as against 3,462 vehicle units during the previous fiscal year, down 95.21%.

Alarmingly for the auto company, the said car is not the only model, which is registering negative sales. It registered 14.85% fall in its overall vehicle sale facts, which remained at 51,160 vehicle units during the last month as compared to 60,086 vehicle units during the same period of 2012.

The overall passenger vehicle sales in the domestic market remained at 11,570 vehicle units during the last month, down 48.94% as against 22,658 vehicle units during the corresponding month of 2012.

But, in the commercial vehicles section, sale facts surged by 3.97% to around 36,025 vehicle units in the Indian market during last month as against 34,647 vehicle units during the same period last year.

The Nano, catered by a 624 cc petrol engine, got rolled out in the year 2009 for an ex-factory cost of Rs 1 lakh that is said to be the most budget for any car crosswise the globe.

The domestic automobile market is possibly confronting the sturdiest ride in the recent past.

As per reports, ex Tata group Chairman Ratan Tata stated that Nano could not comprehend its complete prospective as the drive got lost during early years because of concerns like facility transfer and unsatisfactory advertising drive and franchise system.

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