Tata’s JLR Freelander to Begin Production in India this Month

The Freelander from Land Rover will soon arrive in India, beginning production by this month itself. The production line is to be placed in the same section of the Pune based Tata Motor plant, which was previously used by Mercedes.

As the production for Freelander begins, another product from Land Rover could be available soon, probably their new Evoque or the Discovery 4 model. According to reports, a third product which could be produced here is the Jaguar XF. The production of the Freelander is slated to begin on May 27; with Tata doing everything it can to make India, the second home market of the Jaguar Land Rover.

Things are already looking good for the brand, having sold 75 Jaguars last April in India. Once they increase their dealerships to 20, according to their proposed idea, the sales of their cars is expected to go up. Ralf Speth, the recently appointed CEO of the company, said that the coming two or three years are very important for the growth of their company, however at present things are looking good.

Tata Motors are very practical when it comes to company investments, and Ralf revealed that every single cent earned, as much as 1.5bn pounds is to be invested back into the development of products. Rumours abound that Tata could possibly use the Freelander platform for producing their own SUV models in the coming future.

This means that Tata would not need to create its own Monocoque like vehicle which Mahindra has done.

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