The Bentley-Estede collaboration heading to a new horizon

It has been one year since Bentley’s alliance with Austrian eyewear company, Estede. To mark the occasion, Estede and Bentley Motors announced that the orders for initial collection of solid gold sunglasses, limited series, are going beyond their expectations, especially in the markets of China, Hong Kong and Russia.

This collection of eyewear by Bentley is built on Estede’s vast experience in high-end eyewear manufacturing along with the more advanced design language that Bentley are known for in the world.

The original styles are ageless and shape wise are modern. They are available in 18 carat solid silver, gold, platinum or palladium. These designs typically are representative of luxury eyewear. Some distinctive elements noted in the first collection are Bentley ‘B’ in enamel coating that is hand polished and also carefully carved surfaces showing the exquisite leather designs. The materials used are characteristics of exceptional and exclusive luxury and the styles denote simplicity, easier to wear and informal expressions.

The sunglasses and frames ordered are numbered individually and are limited to one hundred pieces for a given colour variation. The eyewear collections by Bentley uses advanced sunglass lenses, which offer both 100% UV protection and also showcases the lens technology incorporated with cutting edge workmanship in lens coating. The eyewear has a statement of its own to make and also highlights the Bentley Mulsanne.

The materials platinum or gold along with handcrafted expertise and workmanship does make the sunglasses and frames very special. The combined effort of technology and craftsmanship and individualisation does make Bentley sunglasses and frames original, world class and truly unique.

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