The Dark Knight’s new Batmobile can fly

While the Batmobile featured in the The Dark Knight is better explained as a Lambo meets Hummer, the new ride of Gotham city’s savior appears like a jet-powered hovercraft.

There is an entire generation of fans of The Dark Knight series and the new trailer, third in row, released this week. From the footage in the 140 seconds trailer released by Warner Bros Pictures, Batman (Christian Bale) and Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) are revealed driving in a magnificent aerial vehicle, levitated feets above the ground.

The Dark Knight's new Batmobile can fly
Coming out as a virtual reality from Batman comic’s ‘The Batwig’, IGN reveals that the alien vehicle is simply called ‘The Bat’. Set to release in US, UK and Canada on 20 July 2012, the third in series Dark Knight is claimed to be beyond expectation. Meanwhile, check out the trailer.

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