The Mitsubishi Outlander is set to turn heads at the Paris Motor show 2012

Go green has been the motto of this new decade, and a number of industries have been endorsing the environmental friendly way to make towards a sustainable way of life. Among the pioneers, for this green revolution from the auto industry has been the Mitsubishi Motors Company. They have come out with the environmentally conscious Outlander Plug-in Hybrid EV. This car would unveil itself at the Paris Motor Show 2012 and needless to say it will be the main feature of the show.  It sports PHEV technology which however is not something that is novel in the green technology division but what makes it unique is the advanced way in which the car has used the technology with its 4 WD model. This has entitled the car as being the first 4WD car to have incorporated the PHEV technology. Moreover, the car has not only using green technology but also has the provision to make use of the retrofitted internal combustion engine. It is this versatility that has rendered this car one of the most talked about in the last few months.

The Mitsubishi Outlander is set to turn heads at the Paris Motor show 2012
Moreover, the driver would have all the options at his fingertips, with three drive trains powering the Outlander. It has a front electric motor, a back or rear electric motor along with the petrol powered internal combustion engine. Also adding to these three drive trains, is the Pure mode of operation which would use both the electric motors, working as a duo motor operating the 4WD EV combination which is ably supported by a generator.  Adding to these numerous modes of power operation is the Parallel mode which is the IC engine working in tandem with the 4WD motors. This PHEV technology would facilitate the car to rake up speeds of upto 50km with the use of 4WD electric mode. On the other hand the 2.0 liter engine will churn out 147 horses from under its belt.

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