The BMW Z4 Roadster is set for a facelift

The famous Z4 roadster goes through with its upgrades like clockwork. It first had its upgrade back in Germany, bringing forth the second generation BMW Z4 roadster and now it has plans to bring out another upgrade during mid 2012.  In 2009 it replaced the soft top of the predecessor with the metal roof that was retractable. The number one luxury auto brand from Germany is looking for another mid life facelift for its Z4 roadster. The company has stated that the changes in the case of the Z4 roadster won’t be like that of the BMW 2013 series 7 facelift which showed few and subtle changes to its looks in the upgrade. The company spokesperson has admitted that the changes that would be brought onto the Z4 roadster would be anything but subtle, and would be pretty evident in its changes. The car promises to have significant upgrades and evident facelift which would be similar to the degree of changes brought onto the BMW E90 3 series.

The BMW Z4 Roadster is set for a facelift

The upgrades and the facelift are to be brought out under the supervision and guidance of BMW’s chief designer KarimHabin and his team. However, under the guidance of United Kingdom’s Ivan Borisov, another independent design team is working for BMW, to give it enough options to dapple with. Borisov has released some images of the prototype designs of the Z4 roadster, in which it is revealed that the car would feature prominent double kidney grilles (signature style of the brand) and also would come decked with sharper headlights. They seem to warp beautifully around the hood and fenders.  The facelift may not bring about any changes to the specifications or performance however this might just be enough for the Z4 roadster to stay afloat above its competitors.

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