Things to know about car insurance

Driving a vehicle is almost projected in various mainstream cinemas to be fun, chic and happening. All the bloomy parts about the experience are highlighted. To an average Joe it definitely becomes a dream to drive one such vehicle. But the journey of owning a car or rather driving a car is not all that hunky dory, as it is made to believe. You must understand and appreciate the fact, whatever you on see on celluloid or in cult movies like the James Bond 007 series, is what can only be described as “Make Believe”.

The bruises, the beating, the crashes that are depicted are sans human feeling. This is precisely the reason why you don’t ever get to see the gory images of a human on whom a motor accident has befallen. This article is not written to create hysteria or anxiety amongst the future car owners or drivers. But it is about making you folks aware of the downside of this venture. Driving a car is a double edged sword, if used for positive purposes it has the potential to make your life a lot easier, but at the same time if not used in a responsible and judicious manner can lead to fatal consequences. The fact that you cannot eliminate the risk-factor while driving a car should not deter you from owning one. What we have to look for is, how can we mitigate the risk that arises of any unwanted consequential incidents? Insurance is what comes impulsively to your mind, isn’t it? Well you have hit the bull’s eye. Car insurance is a financial and a legal document which is instrumental in mitigating that risk, and makes your life a whole lot easier. It provides mechanism for all sorts of possible situations that may arise while you are behind the wheels.

Some of the key notables you must know while choosing the wide-range of policies that are offered are;

There are only 2 types of insurance policy namely comprehensive policy and third party policy

Comprehensive policy is the costlier of the duo, as it covers third party as well as person risk. This policy needs renewal on an annual basis. One can renew this policy from anywhere in the country and it can be renewed in two-month advance.

Third party policy covers the damages or risk of only the third person. Personal vehicular damage or personal injuries are not covered by this policy. This policy is the cheaper out of the two policies and has to be renewed annually. It can also be renewed in 2 months in advance of the expiry date.

Insurance transfer

For third party insurance the policy is automatically transferred in the name of the person on whose name the vehicle is been transferred. Whereas in case of comprehensive policy a written application has to be made in order to change the ownership of the policy.

Duplicate certificate of insurance

If someone unintentionally defaced or lost the motor vehicle insurance certificate, a duplicate copy can be obtained by giving a written application to the insurance company concerned by paying fees.


An inherent and the end result of any insurance policy is the claims part of it. In order to obtain a claim of an accident, one needs to make a in-depth claim to the respective insurance company. The person entitled to make the claim has to furnish the following documents;

  • Valid fitness certificate
  • Valid driving license
  • Valid permits
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • First information report
  • Report on the estimation of claim by an surveyor authorized by the insurance company
  • Valid tax certificate
  • Valid registration certificate

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