This is why you should have electric car washers at home – Part 1

Just recently we had learnt the famous Bollywood actor Imran Khan had been washing his own car every day. So we thought, why not giving a shot to the same activity in our blog too. Hopefully everyone fantasies their super-sexy girlfriend washing the luxury metal babies in real life, and both of them getting drenched equally, whilst the car washing activity taken a back seat and romance goes on the full volume. This happen in real life too, ought to be real when one has the electrically powered pressure washer at homes. In India we are alienated with this equipment a lot. Hence the main motive for writing this blog is to make to one aware what fabulous (yet imaginative) quotient of the aforementioned equipment. Here in the further stanzas, tips and techniques will be stated and even reasons too, about owing the personal electrically powered car washer at home.

Time saving:

The first and ‘very’ important reason is, not your fanaticism of drenched-yet-foaming super hot girlfriend, but the ‘time saving’ quotient instead. Yes, everyone seems busy in countries like India, and driving the dirtiest car even on the cleanest days (i.e. during monsoon) too. Going every now and then to the car-wash is not so sensible to talk of. It takes a lot of time to reach the destination and then several minutes too for getting the service done. Hopefully, we know that following this routine is not possible throughout the year, but it could be given glimpse once when you acquire the electric car washer at home itself. Just plug it (and those who don’t know how to do it, we had mentioned instructions at the last of this post) in the right slots and get started with the activity. No paying the professional’s fees, instead by reading the knowhow, and doing the sort of Google job on this topic as well as in the social circle, will make you to get the right strokes in the right direction every time. It isn’t a rocket science, so the things will not fall on your flatly, which we all expect in the aggressive manner for one and all.

This is why you should have electric car washers at home Part 1


Multipurpose, is also the one more reason to own this equipment. Hence, ‘how and where’ is not the so called tough terminology to associate it with the washer on our land in mindset of locals. One in India needs ‘not’ to be guided for this sort of assortment on the respective cliché; they themselves find new clauses to use the equipments as per to their requirement. However, if one still coerces us to point out those hints specifically then, it is the ‘garage’ first which one can clean it with the washer after a car. Those droplets of lubricant and oil on the garage floor, and other such exquisite can be washed easily with the force of water via this pressure motor. ‘

Ultimately Clean:

We know that the ‘cleanliness’ is the actual outcome when the power car washer is being used on the car surfaces, but due to an additional attachment of foam liquid on the force gun cleanliness toils to an all new level. The combination of pressure and the liquid soap will make your garage floor and other surfaces spike and span like never before. This has been true that there many of the surfaces which can get harm due to excessive force, so don’t use the aggressiveness of water on the planks for which it is not mentioned, and strictly not on body of any human being or animal. It is very dangerous for any of the living organism due to the bodily harm that can be caused to them by the use of it.


Lastly, the most favourite reasons, and ours favourite too, is getting drenched with your girl in the garage by means of cleaning the car using car washer. This is the most lucrative reason for one to buy the car washer. Even if one those who don’t had the car, can aspire a one for this same reason. Hopefully, we don’t want to stretch it more than what is said for now, because many of us know what is their dream lies and it is meant to be kept secret.

Mentioned below are the instructions how to use that one can follow in his day to life, and also the brief overview that what does the electric pressure car washer is possessed of and its functionality.


All the electrically powered car washers available in the market come with different structure and different sort of attachments, but what comes as a standard in them is the ‘layout’. The machine (which is in actual the pressure motor) comes already equipped with a wire that needs to plugged in its respective socket, like what we do normally with other electrical equipments, getting those plugged in and switching it on, and while the rest has to assembled in the prescribed manner itself. The washer boasts two input slot, one for the water inlet and the other for water outlet. One needs to plug in the source of water using the pipe on inlet’s mouth, and the company provided pressure hose on outlet mouth. The washer takes in the water through one end and pumps it out from the other end using tremendous amount of pressure. Hence, at the start machine takes some time to build up the pressure the inside, and then one is build up then the functioning starts in its directed way.

Well, this time in this part we had mentioned about the importance and the functionality about the eclectically pressurized car washer, whilst in the next series we will do the tips, how to get in hand with the right one, and the precaution that needs to be taken care off while handling it.

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