Rolls Royce Wraith to Launch in India by Next Month?

Made debut at 2013 Geneva Motor Show, Wraith had claimed the tag of being the fastest Rolls Royce on earth.  Not much to the illusion, it is a coupe that can do the sport tricks on tracks with 625PS of power and 800 Nm of torque at its bay. The 6.6-litre V12 engine pumps it out all in with a 8-speed transmission and leads the way to pilot using a GPS system which predicts the roads ahead and make possible changes to the gear shifts as per the traffic and turns. Lest, there lies a reason for mentioning this information in the initial paragraph, and that will make you to jump out of joy when you will get to know about it. Not taking much of your time, the luxury British carmaker seems to be launching the Wraith in India by next month or so, claims the OverDrive website!

Hopefully, it will be the beginning of festival season for Indians at the next month, so the Rolls Royce will find a lucrative point of doing business on our local shores.

This exclusive British handmade luxury bug will sit in between the Phantom and Ghost when it will be rolled out in Indian fraternity.

Rolls Royce Wraith
As weaving the sports and luxury in same package, Wraith is expected to find many buyers here. Not much to disappoint you, but one of the leading websites is claiming the whopping amount of approximately Rs. 4 crore to be lugging in its price tag in our market, that’s because of the weakening rupee condition in forex scenario.

Perfectly oozing out the niche ambience in its best, hopefully all of us are eager to get the striding blow from it as soon as possible.

Source: OverDrive.

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