This Lamborghini Gallardo is tuned for WRC: Watch Video

Lamborghini is the premium sports car brand from Italy, but on seeing this video one may have to think twice!

In this video clipping, the most admired Lambi is seen doing some mischief in dirt. Though it too maybe feeling pain inside but derives a good amount of temptation overall just for us. The Gallardo in this motion is proving all the automotive engineering to its core, as it can be termed for some SUV fragmentation if considered by its maker Lamborghini. Henceforth, fastest will then become toughest (as well) leading the most lethal combination, but more to disappointment, its designers don’t tend to furbish their hands in dirt play.

Anyhow if this dream would become a reality, then Ferrari too will not be standing alone on that rubber fuming podium.

Lamborghini Gallardo Turned Into Rally Car
Lastly, it is not an end but just a new beginning, as further two more clippings by Stage One are scheduled to arrive soon.

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