Three New Concept Cars to be Displayed by Toyota in Tokyo

Three new concepts are to be debuted by Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show. This includes the likes of the FCV Plus, the Kikai and the S-FR.

The FCV Plus is being touted as a successor to the Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car of the company. The company is looking to change the game in the automobile industry by making fuel-cell vehicles go from eco cars to energy cars. Not only from the hydrogen tank of the vehicle itself, the car can also generate electricity with the help of hydrogen which is stored outside the vehicle. The car will also not be just a means of transport either and will allow power generation capability to be shared across communities making it that much more useful as compared to traditional cars.


The Kikai is a concept car that would take the machinery, which is hidden, and make it openly viewable through the car. The upper control arm movement would be visible through the windshield and the driver would sit alone in front with two passengers behind in a triangular design.

The S-FR on the other hand will be a fun to drive lightweight sports car from the company. Made in a two door coupe frame, the car will be a straightforward front engine with rear wheel drive. Toyota claims that it will have fantastic cornering as well as smooth acceleration making it fun and responsive to drive across the board.

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