Abarth Punto Evo to be Launched on 19th October

The Abarth Punto Evo will be launched by Fiat on 19th October here in India. This will make the car the first “affordable performance hatchback” in the nation.

The Punto is to be sold with the Abarth badge only like the Abarth 595 and the Abarth Scorpion will be replacing the Fiat logo on the car as well. The paint scheme too will be different on the badge in a bid to keep in line with the sporty lineage of the car.

Abarth Punto Evo

The Punto will be based on the on the basic Fiat hatchback but will use the 1.4 litre turbocharged T-Jet engine which delivers 143bhp in terms of power as well as 200Nm in terms of torque. The car will be a front wheel drive mated to a five speed manual gearbox with other mechanical changes including four disc brakes as well as better suspension. This will mean better stopping power as well as better driver dynamics.

In terms of interiors, the Abarth Punto has metal pedals, leather upholstery as well as the features that come with the top of the line Punto Evo. The Abarth Punto Evo is likely to cost around Rs.1 lakh above the top end model of the current car. In terms of pricing, the Abarth Punto will be taking on the Volkswagen Polo GT TSI but is at a significant advantage when it comes to power output.

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