Tips for driving in fog

Winter has set in but where is the cold that we all want? From the past few days, all we have been experiencing is some cold wave with lots of fog. It makes driving or riding an uncomfortable experience. Especially when one is already late for their office or for any other purpose. The best option would be to park your vehicle at the side of the road  and wait till the fog lifts up. I don’t think that would be acceptable with many as this would mean waste of time. I have compiled up some of the tips for driving in fog.

    • First and foremost, the lights must be operational. Not many care for the maintenance of their lights as long as they work in nights. Other than that, they wouldn’t deserve a second glance. Before setting out on your journey, wipe the glass covering the head lamps with hot water. After doing this, use a simple newspaper to clean the glass area. This would ensure that there are no swirl marks. Also if the glass area is darkened, it would be wise to replace them and go for new ones. The ones you buy should also be original ones and matching the wattage of the lamps installed. This is advisable because the glass would then black out after some time of usage. The tail lamps would also have to be checked to see that they are working and also whether the brake lamps are in prime condition.
    • Before entering a fog filled area, slow down a bit. Often when in fog, you feel that you aren’t moving too fast as a slow motion effect is created. Don’t be deceived by it and go slow. You might reach your destination a bit late however in one piece.

    • Don’t try to overtake unless absolutely required. This is a strict rule to follow should you be driving in conditions of fog. Also, it is best to avoid even changing lanes. If you have a car moving ahead of you in a straight road, maintain a safe distance and follow it.
    • In foggy conditions, don’t keep your windows open. Instead turn on the heater and put it in recirculation mode. This would avoid the outside air from entering the car.
    • When driving in fog, be sure to turn off the high beam. Many people have this notion that putting on high beam would ensure that they get the maximum visibility. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Infact, high beam makes the driver coming from the opposite direction to be disoriented. The high beam also distorts vision. Putting on fog lamps{if you have one} or even low beam ensures that the road ahead is visible to you and at the same time, you are looking out for the safety of others.
    • Road marking are another important part which help in safe motoring in conditions of fog. Drive slowly and try to be as close to the road markings to ensure that you know where the road is leading to. This would keep your focus on the road.
    • Before going around a corner. Try the flash lights thrice so that vehicles from the other end know that you are going to corner. Also put on the indicators well in advance so that the one following you doesn’t bang into you. Also brake early so that the person behind has time to react. It is also advisable to turn on the wipers and defrosters to ensure maximum visibility.
    • If for some reason, you want to pull off the road, be sure to turn on the indicators well in advance so that even if the person following you is trying to overtake you, then he would be warned well in advance. In fog, other drivers also have the same problem of less visibility and if at all you want to brake, brake slowly. As far as possible, avoid urgent braking.
    • Last but definitely not the least tips for driving in fog is to keep your calm and cool even if there is traffic. This would ensure that you can concentrate on the road ahead and steer clear of any obstacles.

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