Tips to Beat the Heat of Summer

Car is also like a human being for us which needs to be taken care as per the changing weather. Though summer is nearing by and henceforth we must be ready with all the sorts to prevent our metal from getting tanned!

Besides the human beings, UV rays also affect our cars in a very severe manner but there are numerous solutions to prevent it from barging into our beloved cabins, and listed below are some of them that had surfaced in our course of action for the same.

1. Tinted Windshield Roll:

Windscreen posses major of the area from where the sunlight enters in our car, using a tinted windscreen roll on that portion will considerably bring down those soaring heat, but it can be applied when a car is parked and not during the time of plying. Comparatively, one will feel better when he would return to the same after a corporate lunch or a mid-day shopping.

Tinted Windshield Roll

2. Tinted Films for Glass:

Tinted glass films are very much popular with us as we being a target to their advertisements on various space, but making a proper choice out of whole is an actual ‘smartness’ in summer season. Some may not tend it for cash saving spree but basically it is a Star product meant to be fixed on our car glasses during the spawning heat. We suggest, always prefer a branded and a reputed one so there should not be any hassles aftermath. On an important note, rules of Traffic Department and other regulatory may also be referred for save saving our hard earned cash on the checking spots of those government officials; while some also say that official machinery of various regions had banned it in their territory. Hence, experts to be reach at first.

Tinted Films for Glass

3. Electrostatic Sheets:

These sheets are not quite famous but a well known can get it right if had recollected before our indication. However, it is standardized in size and also does not fall heavy on our pockets, as compared to those couple of mentioned inclinations; but we must say it stops a lot of heat on itself. Sometimes it feels a bit tad as well, and on contradicting jolt, it is the least which one can apply to keep his/car’s temperature cool.

Electrostatic Sheets

4. Others:

Servicing the AC before season summer is too an effective way. Meanwhile, one should not delay on this part, as those components also had to work hard to please ourselves during the bespoken time.

To an extent, parking under a shade impacts to a lesser temperature inside, finding such a spot every time is not possible in big cities. But if one had those opportunities then should utilize that instead of finding another one, though whatever it may take to, but a car will be safe, sound and happy on inside.

Servicing AC in Summer

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